Checking in and Animal Crossing

My new favorite and necessary pastime. Hello, Everyone. It's been a while. This isn't a post where I mention I've been published again (though I was a week ago) or other such announcements like that. This post is mostly just to check in and make sure we're still in this together. COVID-19 is still out... Continue Reading →

Affiliate for!

Hello everyone! I hope you're all safe and well! I've been holding up okay. I think I started to get used to quarantine. The only days that matter anymore are yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Still missing the outside world, and I hope this whole ordeal is over as soon as possible for everyone's health and... Continue Reading →

New Published Piece on Medium/ Invisible Illness

Hey everyone! I hope you're all safe from COVID-19. Please continue to take care of yourselves as there seems to be no end in sight for this pandemic. In any case, it appears I was published twice this week. Just last night, I got another piece of mine published on an online publication called Invisible... Continue Reading →

Contributor for Reclamation Magazine! First piece up!

Hello Everyone! I hope you're all safe and sound! It's been a while since I posted anything here with any news. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected me just as much as anyone else. It's so hard to talk about anything else when quarantine and isolation is the new normal. Regardless, I have been working hard... Continue Reading →

New Piece on Pop Culture Beast Re:American Dirt

Hello everyone! I have my first opinion piece up on Pop Culture Beast this week. I wrote about the highly problematic novel American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins, arguing that the book is a symptom of a larger systemic issue in which capitalism monetizes stories of marginalized communities without ever wanting to disrupt the status quo.... Continue Reading →

Interview with Kabwasa now Live on Pop Culture Beast!

Hello everyone! I just recently had the pleasure of interviewing Kabwasa for Pop Culture Beast. Kabwasa is an up and coming artist from my hometown in Watsonville, CA. He is a multi-talented artist who is working hard in putting our small city on the map. I reached out to him personally and exchanged some emails... Continue Reading →

New Piece on The Ascent and Writer for Pop Culture Beast!

Hi Everyone! A few updates today! The first is that I have just been published by The Ascent, a popular publication on Medium. New published piece! My piece is called For the Sake of Others, I Have to Let Go. It's another vulnerable piece I was hesitant to put out because it's always tough for... Continue Reading →

Featured in a Booksellers’ Year in Reading on LitHub!

Hello, everyone! It's been a while since I've posted anything on here. I try my best to keep up. But things seem to get in the way more often than not these days. Regardless, I'm excited to let you all know that I have been featured in a piece on Lit Hub! Lit Hub (short... Continue Reading →

New Piece on Medium: Mental Illness

Hello Everyone! I've been writing a lot of personal pieces lately, which I have very mixed feelings about. I managed to post one of them today on Medium. I was incredibly hesitant to post this. This is one of the most difficult pieces I've written thus far. In recent years, while handling my mental illness,... Continue Reading →

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